Dearest Reader

Dearest Reader,

Hello. Daily blessings o'er a' the Earth I send and receive.. I've been on Skype to Poland, Bute and France recently, Facebook to South Africa and America. Now I am here to meet you. What awesome technology and glorious communication tools we have available to us. 

Let's use them to Land Loving Creative Peace among and between us all with the help of Mother Earth and all her attendent Beings, manifest from The One. 

We in the Mamma Worlds need the help of those working through the egis of the Loving Father, whatever His Name to you, and The Christ-Buddha in us all to do this. It's not hard. It just needs us ALL to want PEACE and LOVE more than we want to be The Winner. 

We will all WIN when the Earth is LOVED and all her seas are not tempted to run dry, when each person is respectful of every living Being and we recognise one another as Divine Dreams becoming solid, not solid beings attempting to become good or Divine. 

We need to cooperate with the seas, the air and the fire of life. We are already capable of divine actions of compassion and creativity. We need to insist our governments reflect this, rather than having all the greediest, most violent of human capabilities being demonstrated by those to whom we have given our decision making power. 

We also need to make sure only ethical business is encouraged in all market places, no matter what their size. Corporations need to transform to Serve Life, not to encourage warmongering greed and international asset theft. Local organic growers need our support. Local LETS schemes and Credit Unions need our input and all our communities need our loving awareness flowing through them.

Time to rebalance the Great Book of Consequences. I love the number of people I know who are ready to practise the sharing caring we need. Scotland is full of us and so is The Greater Social World.

Spiritual Power is moving through all of our Earth-centred Communities, connecting us all through our Roots. Spirit is also in every breath we take, in ever drop of water, in every warming flame. We breathe with the forests. We are in the water cycle. We are ONE with the Fires of Love. —The Earth Mamma sings in her bones. We are so fortunate to live within such beauty.

May all our cells be healthy and the human art of Being Human be developed, encouraging Grace and well being in us all, especially those who currently regard such notions as daft or naieve. I wish you more and more Love in your Life and co-creation of Peace o'er all the Earth. x x x

Eddi performs the Robert Burns song on Other Voices: Songs From A Room in April 2005.

Thought for the Day

Attention, attention!


Using ADHD drugs on our children over an extended period is a deeply disturbing disgrace. Mostly a change in diet and some minerals, specific to each child,  make a huge difference to the way our chemically unbalanced children currently behave. Some children respond very badly to high energy drinks, Iron Bru, Coca Cola and food additives like aspartame. The mother's pregnancy diet also directly feeds the baby, so creating nutritional support for those in need of a diet change when pregnant is vital. It has also been found Cranio-sacral Therapy can help those suffering the effects of birth trauma, both mother and child. Adults with awareness of their sugar sensitivity will tell you refined white sugar gives them a sugar rush which makes them hyperactive. They avoid sugar.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be very real but it can also be a description applied to an active healthy child by an idle, physically inactive, depressed adult population. Our medical statistics relating to anti-depressants and growing obesity in our young adult population has its own story to tell, one which creates more and more suffering for all, particularly our creative, active children and talented, quick-witted youth. How many of our Olympic Athletes were told they had ADHD? What is Anti-authority Disorder? Perhaps the Occupy Movement could take issue there!

We need to find a way to give computer addicted children real attention much earlier and work holistically with a complex social problem created by the pace of 21st Century lifestyles. Allowing developing children to play in a quiet space with building bricks created an opportunity for them to focus within, learning to concentrate. Doing this in a room full of television advertising sound is impossible. Sound attracts and distracts babies instantly, taking their concentration out. This is not always helpful to their thinking and feeling refinement processes. It has also been found that pushchairs which face away from the mother directly interfere with a child's ability to focus attention. They hone this skill by reading their mother's face, by connecting with her eyes, especially when there is a lot of confusing activity around them. Mum or Dad on the mobile phone, ignoring their child's eyes, is an all too common sight these days. To be a parent is a great challenge to grow ourselves, as much as to teach a child how to live well. We all need to learn more and stop asking the doctor to Fix This Child to fit into our progressively more and more inhumane society. Instead we need to re-create our healthy communities where parents are helped by The Village of relatives, extended family, friends and neighbours to relate well to their children and to each other. We also find taking children into Nature helps them feel delighted peacefulness.

The lack of physical exercise for growing children in our progressively sedentary, materialistic society has terrible effects on the energy balance of boys in particular. The lack of conversation in many people's family lives and constant television or computer flickering input also has effects on focus and attention- giving development skills. What we model for our children is important, far more important than what we say to them. What we do with them, what we feed them and how we inter-relate with them is far more important than what medicine the doctor can give us to shut them down and make them docile. A caring mentor is far better for any child than a poisonous drug.

Making money for the drugs companies does not solve the behaviour problem. It only masks the condition and in many cases increases the health problems of the "problem" child.  This child is rarely the actual or only “problem”. The diagnosis is often a trap for the child and goes with them into adulthood. Often these children are very creative. Their ideas are being ignored and their talents shut down. There are far better ways to treat the few children who are truly disturbed and desperately needing assistance to concentrate, focus attention and learn anger control techniques.

What can we do about this in Scotland? I live in Fife where 8% of the children have been put on Ritalin and “Attention Fife”, which offered help and support to parents seeking an alternative route, has been shut down. Money to run our services was withdrawn by our Fife Council. Seems to me to be a very false economy, since the drugs being doled out cost a fortune, as does the medical staff in a system which seems to serve the drugs producers far more effectively than it does ADHD diagnosed kids and their families. We taught the parents how to make soup, listened to them and to the children and found the minerals and oils they were needing, or the creative art which made their hearts sing. What next?  “Attention Fife” will discuss suggestions on the 6th December 2012

A Call to Friends...

A Call to Friends

 Autumn Birch, photo by Martin Lowe

Autumn Birch, photo by Martin Lowe

Dear friends of The Arts, Troubadours and Nature Based Culture, 

When a ruling group wishes to create an obedient population the first thing it does is interfere with the education of the population and buy up the media/communications systems. We have been aware of this for some time now, though perhaps gob-smacked by the speed of the take-over and silenced by the lack of access to theatres, media publications and  television, since the dollar became the measure of our success. Dennis Potter had much to say about this before he passed over. 

The current ruling Tory government has absolutely NO INTEREST in developing our Arts Education Systems or  supporting The Artistes among us, only in selling The Arts in the World Market. They do not want an articulate, thinking, arguing population, no matter what they say.. They want " Yes " men and soldiers who follow orders. Look at what they DO. Who does want an articulate dancing population? WE DO.

We who rose from the housing schemes, through 60s &70s education to knock upon their glass ceilings, through which we could see what we thought was their gross incompetence, were spotted by Margaret Thatcher, Norman Tebbit. and the cohorts of Power Over. manipulators. We were seen as very dangerous to the status quo. They set about dismantling all the structures which allowed us to rise. Drama departments were among the first to be axed in Scottish Schools. We were co-creating articulate, confident students, versed in social studies as well as in Theatre, History and the practical techniques which gave them A Voice. The powers that BE were not actually incompetent. They had an agenda we could not accept was real. They were bigotted purveyors of the Class System determined to keep the population down, afraid of the educated poor gaining the power to change they began destroying the ethos of community, encouraging selfishness and going gung ho into unnecessary wars to stop the connected, peaceful communities rocking their warmongering boat.. 

While the last Labour Party was wooing the upper middle classes at the expense of the poor,  they were also being undermined by the Civil Service in Whitehall and the media moguls determined to return the Tories to power. Why do they underfund the Arts and cut Arts Budgets everywhere except in Covent Garden, maybe EVEN in Covent Garden? Arts facilitators? They see all of us as Revolutionaries unless we tow the party line and keep on repeating Gilbert and Sullivan productions in schools. To expect them to continue funding that which they despise now that they think they have the upper hand again is unwise. 

The real struggle within The Arts has never gone away because we struggle to give a Voice to the People, Life to the Marginalised and Love to our Communities. We need to find the Angels of the Arts once again because the majority of Governments in the " World Banks train towards World Government" only fund Bankers profits, tax cuts for the rich and destruction of the Planet. We really need to EDUCATE THEM since they are quite clearly VERY UNEDUCATED INDEED and STUPID ENOUGH to think we do not notice. We need to re-consider our role in the world and wise women need to speak up, supported by the young men and women being driven to call centre madness by " Sales International Anonymous " threatening them with starvation if they do not obediently follow their master's orders. It's a Medieval robber baron system once more and the Police State has been put in place to stop any peaceful protests of more that 6 people being allowed without police permission. Check it out. It's true...

Actors and directors who think and express clearly, playwrights who ask questions of society and artists  who challenge the Status Quo have long been unwelcome in the corrupt world of the lying, two faced power mongers. They do not like being spotted and described.  If you want to eradicate a Nation you annihilate its Folk Traditions, its actual History and its Community Identity, housed in its culture, its Genii Loci. Since we are now in the hands of the greedy multinationals, assisted by the current government and The Establishment working in the background, like crazy, no matter what government is in power, the survival of the Arts is at great risk. Being an Artist, Actor, Painter, Poet or Writer has aye been a skin-of -the -teeth affair in modern Britain, dependent on our talents and our tenacity in the face of poverty and ridicule. Let's see if WE can now change all that by acting upon what we see, not on ignoring the facts but expressing ourselves together and co-creating the True Education our population thirsts to find. 

Physically fighting those who carry the guns and build the tanks has ever been a lost cause. They are actually not the enemy, though they can be dangerous neighbours.. Our own fears of being Connected to the Earth, Loving Beyond Reason and Miraculously Intelligent are the true enemy within. We have been educated to doubt ourselves since the intuition was placed on the back burner and exam results became the measure of a man. The Arts can help us move beyond these fears to Glow with Life, Love and share Connected Visualising Power as well as releasing the energy to rebuild our Human connections and our cultural lives. they teach us to celebrate one another and express or deepest dreams. I celebrate all those of you whom I have met who having been awarely doing this for years in quiet places, in cities, in tents and cafes, village halls and cyber spaces. . How fast can we now all join up the dots? 

Hello anyone out there, reading this, who is a potential new friend. Do get in touch. Lets meet tae moot and mak merry. 

With love and Blessings


A Bardic Weekend in Argylle

A Bardic Weekend in Argylle

The Castle of The Muses, Argylle, photo by David Allan

The Weekend of 21st/22nd/23rd  September 2012, we had an inspiring weekend connecting with The Awen in the Castle of the Muses. It's a stunning location. 

The most beautiful of Lovingly Held Celebrations was Co-created by the Celtic Community gathered and Blessed, in the International Institute of Peace Studies with Druid teachers.    

'Twas a mighty fine occasion full of beautiful genuinely blessed people and wonderful performances. Wonderful meals, dinner conversation of deep sharing, glorious demonstrations of various Bardic Skills, Arts and Transformations. Blessings were sent all around the World and a World Peace Garden with Jeffrey Gale, dedicated while the Muses entered in. Kevan Manwaring was also there performing  with James Hollingsworth   

James Hollingsworth & Kevan Mainwaring perform The Windsmith, photo by Nicola Hague

 They are BRILLIANT Bardic Performers. James Hollingsworth is on zee guitar, a wizard of flying fingers and glorious tones. He also sings spectacularly well. Kevan Manwaring's "Song of the Windsmith" is a perfect winged chariot for them both to fly, lifting through many spheres and dropping to the Earth's Core with adept aplomb and engaged Heart energy. Kevan is a beautiful Being with great acting talent and a wisdom far deeper and wider than his youthful surface might predict, should you be hooked on looks. They are both beautiful to behold and deeply moving as they perform this mythic treat and mystical performance power-sharing to awaken the soul of each listener, each seer, each brother and sister Bard.

If you get a chance to experience a performance of " The Windsmith " grab the tickets with both hands and take along your whole family. You will all hear a very fine story told with Light, Love and Honesty. Teenage sons and daughters, will find older brothers with whom to explore the inner reaches of the Human Condition with warmth, political awareness and Eco-Centric Wisdom I loved the opportunity to rest in their company and improvise with their Divine Attention, in the magnificent Company of Artists gathered in The Castle of the Muses with Thomas Daffern and Nicola Hague for Autumn Equinox 2012 in Lochgoilhead, Argyle, Scotland.

  Blessed Be, all of yea as Light and Shadow Re-Balance through all spheres this particular day.

The Castle of The Muses, Carrick Castle, Lochgoilhead, PA24 8AG

Feeling beyond control

Feeling beyond control


 Passing envy and jealousy may serve to teach us where we are unhealthily attached, if we are generally well balanced and loving. We can then work on Buddhist detachment from the object or subject of our attachment or counsel on the immediate sensations, to weed out the roots of the held discomfort, discharge past distress and reach freedom and balance once again.

Chronic envy or jealousy ruins people's lives both as individuals and nations. It is not a proof of love, as it is often painted but an indicator of deep atavistic fears. Serious envy causes people to damage those whom they hate for having more than them or power over their emotional field. Seriously painful jealousy provokes murder and physical or emotional violence in very large numbers of the human race. Envy provokes theft of land, people, self respect, countries and resources.

I think jealousy and envy are often confused. Envy is fear of the power of others over our emotions and anger at feeling deprived. It is rooted in the power the Mother has over feeding an infant. Babies " biting the breast that feeds them " is about the expression of power in a situation where the baby feels powerless to control when or what it is fed and how often they are cuddled.. If a baby is left to cry too long when it wants to suck the mother's nipple it learns to fear the power of the nurturer over their feelings and their food intake. They are afraid of the feelings of hunger and loneliness. They fight back in the only way they have available. 

Babies fed on demand tend not to experience overwhelming fury at the abandonment experienced by a baby fed to a strict feeding schedule. " Good enough " mothering prevents this fear of emotional and physical starvation being a chronic pattern later in life. Occasional bursts of quiet, localised envy are not the same as the overwhelming state of fury often experienced by those suffering pre-verbal envy. In a "Crime Passionelle" if it is your lover you would murder it is envy of their power to inflict hurt which creates the dynamo. You would rather do without them than give them the chance to hurt you again, since your happiness is attached to their behaviour. They may even provoke fury in you if they look at another person, whether or not there is any sexual intent on their part. Your self-worth is attached to their gaze.

Jealousy is fear of loss of the loved person or thing, blamed on The Other Person. It is developed at a later stage if the dynamic between the baby and other subjects of the Mother's love is not handled well. If another child or the father seem to be allowed to steal the Mother's attention and love, chronic jealousy is seeded in the child. If it is jealousy An Affair provokes, then it is the Other Person you would murder. It is similar to the baby wishing the father or other siblings were dead because they are deprived of the mother's complete attention. This too can be prevented by " good enough parenting" and is the reason it is advised babies are best born three years apart in a pair bond relationship because the father can give attention to the 3 year old at this natural stage of separation from the physical dependence on the mother and the mother is free to give the new born all her attention when the sibling is with the father.The new baby is then well nurtured and the sibling given cuddles by the other parent and possibly grandparents when they are feeling fearful, lost or sad. Balance is developed and more people are included in the Circle of Love, which cannot be experienced by a child who feels displaced when the father hugs the mother because they are abandoned in the cot or left to cry for cuddles. Such emotions being restimulated in an adult can be totally overwhelming.

If both lover and The Other are murdered, then it is both envy and jealousy working in tandem which drive the lover to this ultimate madness. It is a crime for which the French have had a special category, allowing the perpetrator to go free, recognising they are temporarily mad, not in control of themselves and therefore not responsible for their actions. I always found this a bit difficult to swallow since I do not seem to suffer such fury as would fuel a murder. I would rather my lover were enjoying themselves and alive. I am fortunate enough to have had “ good enough parenting “ when very young.

Jealousy is a pit of the stomach feeling which can cause actual sickness. The person overwhelmed ceases to think rationally and there actually need be no real external cause, just their belief that there is a problem, since the problem existed when they were 2-3 years old and is constantly present when " other people " are around. They are no longer open to reason once the pattern kicks in. They cannot be consoled by the person they are accusing because they have entered a state of trustless-ness. 

Spotting the pattern immediately it begins to rear its head is important, if you are a sufferer, since being overwhelmed by irrational responses is never a joy and the other people in one's life suffer deeply from being accused of motives they do not actually hold and of behavioural transgressions which make no sense to them. Even if there is actual " cause for jealousy " because there is some form of betrayal of trust, “ justifiable anger “ does not provoke feelings which cause murdererous thoughts and actions. 

Love is the opposite of Jealousy and Envy. Working to Love Oneself is the ONLY cure. Shame can get in the way of healing here.

Both envy and jealousy are a sickness encouraged by Eastenders reality level TV and bad romantic fiction or crime novels. They are a deep poison for which both the individual and the mass antidote really needs to be found, especially in a culture based in materialism which actively encourages these warped emotions to control the population.

May love overwhelm us all and petty fears and deep self loathing become feelings of the past. Being the object of another person's envy or jealousy is only marginally less of a torture than being the person who lives in a state of fear so deep everyone other than their partner is The Enemy. Often locking the partner or child up in a pair bond seems the only way to feel safe to a jealous lover or an over possessive parent. They discourage friendships with anyone other than themselves. They rarely throw a party because they fear losing their partner and seeing them laughing with another person can feel too painful to endure.

All we need is LOVE..  Our honesty is ever a joy.

Love and blessings dear ones.