A Call to Friends...

A Call to Friends

 Autumn Birch, photo by Martin Lowe

Autumn Birch, photo by Martin Lowe

Dear friends of The Arts, Troubadours and Nature Based Culture, 

When a ruling group wishes to create an obedient population the first thing it does is interfere with the education of the population and buy up the media/communications systems. We have been aware of this for some time now, though perhaps gob-smacked by the speed of the take-over and silenced by the lack of access to theatres, media publications and  television, since the dollar became the measure of our success. Dennis Potter had much to say about this before he passed over. 

The current ruling Tory government has absolutely NO INTEREST in developing our Arts Education Systems or  supporting The Artistes among us, only in selling The Arts in the World Market. They do not want an articulate, thinking, arguing population, no matter what they say.. They want " Yes " men and soldiers who follow orders. Look at what they DO. Who does want an articulate dancing population? WE DO.

We who rose from the housing schemes, through 60s &70s education to knock upon their glass ceilings, through which we could see what we thought was their gross incompetence, were spotted by Margaret Thatcher, Norman Tebbit. and the cohorts of Power Over. manipulators. We were seen as very dangerous to the status quo. They set about dismantling all the structures which allowed us to rise. Drama departments were among the first to be axed in Scottish Schools. We were co-creating articulate, confident students, versed in social studies as well as in Theatre, History and the practical techniques which gave them A Voice. The powers that BE were not actually incompetent. They had an agenda we could not accept was real. They were bigotted purveyors of the Class System determined to keep the population down, afraid of the educated poor gaining the power to change things...so they began destroying the ethos of community, encouraging selfishness and going gung ho into unnecessary wars to stop the connected, peaceful communities rocking their warmongering boat.. 

While the last Labour Party was wooing the upper middle classes at the expense of the poor,  they were also being undermined by the Civil Service in Whitehall and the media moguls determined to return the Tories to power. Why do they underfund the Arts and cut Arts Budgets everywhere except in Covent Garden, maybe EVEN in Covent Garden? Arts facilitators? They see all of us as Revolutionaries unless we tow the party line and keep on repeating Gilbert and Sullivan productions in schools. To expect them to continue funding that which they despise now that they think they have the upper hand again is unwise. 

The real struggle within The Arts has never gone away because we struggle to give a Voice to the People, Life to the Marginalised and Love to our Communities. We need to find the Angels of the Arts once again because the majority of Governments in the " World Banks train towards World Government" only fund Bankers profits, tax cuts for the rich and destruction of the Planet. We really need to EDUCATE THEM since they are quite clearly VERY UNEDUCATED INDEED and STUPID ENOUGH to think we do not notice. We need to re-consider our role in the world and wise women need to speak up, supported by the young men and women being driven to call centre madness by " Sales International Anonymous " threatening them with starvation if they do not obediently follow their master's orders. It's a Medieval robber baron system once more and the Police State has been put in place to stop any peaceful protests of more that 6 people being allowed without police permission. Check it out. It's true...

Actors and directors who think and express clearly, playwrights who ask questions of society and artists  who challenge the Status Quo have long been unwelcome in the corrupt world of the lying, two faced power mongers. They do not like being spotted and described.  If you want to eradicate a Nation you annihilate its Folk Traditions, its actual History and its Community Identity, housed in its culture, its Genii Loci. Since we are now in the hands of the greedy multinationals, assisted by the current government and The Establishment working in the background, like crazy, no matter what government is in power, the survival of the Arts is at great risk. Being an Artist, Actor, Painter, Poet or Writer has aye been a skin-of -the -teeth affair in modern Britain, dependent on our talents and our tenacity in the face of poverty and ridicule. Let's see if WE can now change all that by acting upon what we see, not on ignoring the facts but expressing ourselves together and co-creating the True Education our population thirsts to find. 

Physically fighting those who carry the guns and build the tanks has ever been a lost cause. They are actually not the enemy, though they can be dangerous neighbours.. Our own fears of being Connected to the Earth, Loving Beyond Reason and Miraculously Intelligent are the true enemy within. We have been educated to doubt ourselves since the intuition was placed on the back burner and exam results became the measure of a man. The Arts can help us move beyond these fears to Glow with Life, Love and share Connected Visualising Power as well as releasing the energy to rebuild our Human connections and our cultural lives. they teach us to celebrate one another and express or deepest dreams. I celebrate all those of you whom I have met who having been awarely doing this for years in quiet places, in cities, in tents and cafes, village halls and cyber spaces. . How fast can we now all join up the dots? 

Hello anyone out there, reading this, who is a potential new friend. Do get in touch. Lets meet tae moot and mak merry. 

With love and Blessings