A Bardic Weekend in Argylle

A Bardic Weekend in Argylle

The Castle of The Muses, Argylle, photo by David Allan

The Weekend of 21st/22nd/23rd  September 2012, we had an inspiring weekend connecting with The Awen in the Castle of the Muses. It's a stunning location. 

The most beautiful of Lovingly Held Celebrations was Co-created by the Celtic Community gathered and Blessed, in the International Institute of Peace Studies with Druid teachers.    

'Twas a mighty fine occasion full of beautiful genuinely blessed people and wonderful performances. Wonderful meals, dinner conversation of deep sharing, glorious demonstrations of various Bardic Skills, Arts and Transformations. Blessings were sent all around the World and a World Peace Garden with Jeffrey Gale, dedicated while the Muses entered in. Kevan Manwaring was also there performing  with James Hollingsworth   

James Hollingsworth & Kevan Mainwaring perform The Windsmith, photo by Nicola Hague

 They are BRILLIANT Bardic Performers. James Hollingsworth is on zee guitar, a wizard of flying fingers and glorious tones. He also sings spectacularly well. Kevan Manwaring's "Song of the Windsmith" is a perfect winged chariot for them both to fly, lifting through many spheres and dropping to the Earth's Core with adept aplomb and engaged Heart energy. Kevan is a beautiful Being with great acting talent and a wisdom far deeper and wider than his youthful surface might predict, should you be hooked on looks. They are both beautiful to behold and deeply moving as they perform this mythic treat and mystical performance power-sharing to awaken the soul of each listener, each seer, each brother and sister Bard.

If you get a chance to experience a performance of " The Windsmith " grab the tickets with both hands and take along your whole family. You will all hear a very fine story told with Light, Love and Honesty. Teenage sons and daughters, will find older brothers with whom to explore the inner reaches of the Human Condition with warmth, political awareness and Eco-Centric Wisdom I loved the opportunity to rest in their company and improvise with their Divine Attention, in the magnificent Company of Artists gathered in The Castle of the Muses with Thomas Daffern and Nicola Hague for Autumn Equinox 2012 in Lochgoilhead, Argyle, Scotland.

  Blessed Be, all of yea as Light and Shadow Re-Balance through all spheres this particular day.

The Castle of The Muses, Carrick Castle, Lochgoilhead, PA24 8AG