Dearest Reader

Dearest Reader,

Hello. Daily blessings o'er a' the Earth I send and receive.. I've been on Skype to Poland, Bute and France recently, Facebook to South Africa and America. Now I am here to meet you. What awesome technology and glorious communication tools we have available to us. 

Let's use them to Land Loving Creative Peace among and between us all with the help of Mother Earth and all her attendent Beings, manifest from The One. 

We in the Mamma Worlds need the help of those working through the egis of the Loving Father, whatever His Name to you, and The Christ-Buddha in us all to do this. It's not hard. It just needs us ALL to want PEACE and LOVE more than we want to be The Winner. 

We will all WIN when the Earth is LOVED and all her seas are not tempted to run dry, when each person is respectful of every living Being and we recognise one another as Divine Dreams becoming solid, not solid beings attempting to become good or Divine. 

We need to cooperate with the seas, the air and the fire of life. We are already capable of divine actions of compassion and creativity. We need to insist our governments reflect this, rather than having all the greediest, most violent of human capabilities being demonstrated by those to whom we have given our decision making power. 

We also need to make sure only ethical business is encouraged in all market places, no matter what their size. Corporations need to transform to Serve Life, not to encourage warmongering greed and international asset theft. Local organic growers need our support. Local LETS schemes and Credit Unions need our input and all our communities need our loving awareness flowing through them.

Time to rebalance the Great Book of Consequences. I love the number of people I know who are ready to practise the sharing caring we need. Scotland is full of us and so is The Greater Social World.

Spiritual Power is moving through all of our Earth-centred Communities, connecting us all through our Roots. Spirit is also in every breath we take, in ever drop of water, in every warming flame. We breathe with the forests. We are in the water cycle. We are ONE with the Fires of Love. —The Earth Mamma sings in her bones. We are so fortunate to live within such beauty.

May all our cells be healthy and the human art of Being Human be developed, encouraging Grace and well being in us all, especially those who currently regard such notions as daft or naieve. I wish you more and more Love in your Life and co-creation of Peace o'er all the Earth. x x x

Eddi performs the Robert Burns song on Other Voices: Songs From A Room in April 2005.