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The Cafe Queen, a True Story.

The woman had lost all her worldly goods, at least three times. She had given them away or had them stolen more often than that and had constantly found that where - ever she went she was given more than enough to compensate in love and laughter. She also found that goods seemed to cling to her, despite her handing them over left and right when she was centred. (Centre. Breathe.)

Usually she missed nothing but her friends. She sent them blessings on every whistling wind and felt their love in her atmosphere, yet she still wished they would all be found together somewhere beautiful, to sing with and to dance together from morning until night. She actually remembered this from childhood. She still missed the point of all separations, although she knew they all needed to happen, to get everyone to where they were now, for her to meet all her new friends, have her beautiful daughter, dance in the park and kiss trees.

She had mood swings between elation and divine bliss, except when she was engaged in helping transform someone else's Karma. Then she experienced "all the woes that flesh is heir to ". She had been doing this since she was a child, without a label to tie it all down. She called it" Life" or " Being not me " because she knew the fears were an illusion, the furies, fantasies of insult and most of the sadness only " poor me " nonsense which took no account of God's Great Grandeur or the glimpses of a Rose over a Garden wall.

Most of the time she was peaceful, sang to herself, beheld visions of wonder and spent her time creating new ways to experience intensity of Presence in this most beautiful world, on Planet Earth, with fine musicians, artists, actors, women, men, birds, insects and children.

She sat in the Cafe. She smiled. Today was a good day. No -one else's nonsense on her mind, she drank coffee and spooned blessings into the cup with every stir of the milk. She smiled. She looked around her. She took in her surroundings.

The Angel which sat down next to her was fine, very fine, so fine as to be invisible to the coursely uniformed security guards who had thrown her in jail the last time she had sung for pleasure and danced in the streets, below the puzzling moon. He was back again !

" Oh no "

               she thought.

" Thought so ! "

                             said the Angel.

" Missed you for a while there, but I see we're back on line."

" On line for what ? "

                                           she thought.

                                                                 " Oh, on line for a song or two , a dance for joy. You know the kind of thing my Master likes, Pure Ascension Transformation Energy, Resurrection Shuffles an' All Dat Jazz ! "

                  " Don't be daft ! "

                                                 she thought.

                                                        " Jesus loves ya , Yes he do - es ! "

said the Angel lightly.

" Look ! Last time I was caught doing that I was banged up in jail for two days, or was it three or four ? I can't remember any more. It was too much ! Do you hear me ? It was too much and I'm not doing it any more. It frightened my mother . It terrified my father and all my erstwhile friends sent me to Coventry till I could learn to behave myself ! I'm not doing it while the risks are so high. My daughter would just die if it happened near her school, so I'm in a kind of rabbit hutch fir fearties an' a'm no da'en it ! Dae yea hear me ? "

It always interested her, the way the voices changed inside her, with reference to the Angel.

He said nothing, just let her run on a bit as she sipped her coffee and smoked her roll -ups, which kept her well able to control her bouts of laughter, in order that she might not frighten the People, who all seemed so miserable these days. She wanted to cheer them up, but......

                    " Question ? ",

                                                    said the Angel.

" O.K. "

                    she answered, in thought - form fine, fine as his silver tipped golden cobweb wings.

 " If Sally sings and Larry sings and they're allowed to entertain the Kings and Queens o' this realm , how come you're no allowed tae ? "

" I don't know ,"

                                 she said .

                                             " Something to do with the path I have   chosen. The transition from one to the other and back again 's not been so easy this last decade or two .. "

" In Praise of the People, Praise of the Steeple! ? "

                                                                             " Songs of Praise ? "

" Yes. That's it ! Why not you ? "

                                                                 " They don't know my name ."

" That's a shame. Won't anyone tell them ? "

                                                                  " No - one knows what to tell them. "

" What do you mean ?"

" I mean no - one has the guts to say,

 " I met this woman the other day. She sings like a lintie, sees faeries an' angels, dances for joy and feels The Holy Spirit comin' through twenty - four hours a day. I think you should put her on the tele !"

                                                  " Why not ? "

                                                            " Because nobody would believe them ! "

              " Why not ? "

                                   " Because nobody in the medium you suggest can or would trust the speaker because they do not, nor did not ever believe in you. They think you're not true; a figment of my imagination so just shut up and let me drink this coffee, have a fag an' geez peace ! "

The angel sat silent for a while, sorting through the information while the woman smoked and drank her coffee, observed the people, soaked in the day, resonated through the atmosphere, takin' tent o' who could and who could not perceive the angels on the inner, who could or could not afford a fag, who might or might not drag her off centre for the day.

" She should not worry so , "

                                                          she heard the Angel say. She knew it was true. Since she had plighted her troth to Great Spirit things had always turned out, one way or another. Just today, she thought, she might be given a rest, a day to pretend she was "normal ", but no, here was the Angel, shiny blue and full of Life, twice as lively and several feet taller than before and with absolutely no difficulties on the telepathic line. 

No siree...he always came through more clearly in " Angel Cafes ", as he called them, station cafes of the Fisherman's Line . Fish n' Chip shops !

 " Oh God ! "

                                          she thought,

                                                          " Why can't I have an easy life , a stylish life ? It's what I was trained for ! "

                                                                                               " Oh no it wasn't."

Interjected the Angel.

                                  "I know. I know. I was just reminiscing with myself about the days when I was twenty - odd years old, a primary teacher with no more idea you truly existed than fly in the air!"

           " Totally appropriate my dear, totally appropriate. It was important for you to forget me for a while so that you could chose again to see for yourself. "

                                       " Ha ha ! If my mum and dad could have a word with you and your boss it certainly wouldn't be pleasant. "

                         " What do you mean by that ?"

 " Well, they slaved. They tormented themselves to give me a good education so that I would never be poor and you lot keep " Dragging me in the gutter ", as they would see it, depriving me of all station in the world and keeping me wandering the face of the Earth like a pauper, like a gypsy ."

She paused. She had noticed the cigarette was not interfering in her state of communication with the Angel. It gave her pause.

" I know what you've been taught "

                                                       he thought into her.

 " But we do not make you suffer for smoking. You are staying awake and conscious through a Great Act of Will my dear and we value your company, so we do not shut you off simply because you are stupid enough not to Honour the Spirit of Breath and keep dancing."

 " Oh , thanks a bundle. I'll just trundle off now and see who's called at the house . Shall I ? "

 " Yes my dear. You go home now and comb your hair. It'll do you good. You should not worry so much. It's all right. We ARE taking care of you. "

 " I know. Thank -you. That's my mother's old point of view you just heard, not mine. I know the Divine is Active in my Life. So does she now."

She rose. She left the cafe looking " normal ", despite knowing that her days were always far from what other people seemed to regard as normal. She often wondered if they were all pretending but had found out to her cost that they were not. Many of them truly believed that only solid matter was real, physical death was The End and that they were heading for a long darkness. No wonder they all looked so miserable.

She remembered playing with this notion for herself back in the days when Marxist politics seemed to be the answer to the many hard facts she had discovered beyond the loving boundaries of her family home. It had almost killed her to maintain the illusion of a purely solid, materialist reality. She had been saved from the awfulness of death by mind-numbing when a vision so powerful and vast had blasted her out of the depression the exercise had created. She laughed aloud at the relief of it all even now, when she realised how powerful a determined thought system can become, how close she had come to believing the nonsense that the soul did not exist in a world where God was dead.

" Pardon me,"

                               said the angel,

                                                              " I didn't mean to interrupt anything important but you were looking a bit down to me, so I thought I'd just pop in and cheer you up."

This time she could feel the inside glow and hear his voice but she could not see him. He had, quite literally popped in or up out of her cells, she had never quite sure how to put into words the power of the phenomenon. She just knew it was both real and beautiful, heartening and definitely not to be missed.

She walked in Silence, glowing a smile at each stone which she could see sparkling in the sunlight, schist and mica, sandstone and metal, colours of the rainbow in the cars, flower petal fresh, follow- spotted by rays of moving light, serenaded by the seagulls wheeling in the OM of engines, tuned to hum the harmonies of an Edinburgh side -walk pavement rocker, headin' for a Leith Links carnival in May. 

It truly was a lovely day.

© Lilian Kennedy Brzoska 



A Dove on an Eagle's back
Cracked a whip and flew away, Heading for the Sun,
Saying to the Eagle, 

" Be Ready,when I return,to show your Shining Face  to all who seek for freedom in this foolish paper chase.

If they see your eyes 

A-shining with the Golden Glint of clarity,

Perhaps they'll learn a little more of the need for peaceful

Said the Eagle to the Dove,
As he saw her fly away,

"Return in One piece , my friend
Upon the appointed day.
Do not fly too High too fast,
Nor plummet from the sky.
Just hold your Holy Wings aloft,
Keep your wing-beats steady and soft
and Don't Forget to Pray.

I'll see you on the mountain top
Before the End of this Play."


" Well done !"
Said I to the Eagle, as he let
The Spirit go and turned to face
The Northern Wind in the high
Sunsetting snow, blood red
In his eyes. 

His wise face
Pointed North,
In the direction of his fears
And he returned to the Highland
Hills he'd left in his early years.

Afraid of nothing but the bullet,
He went where bullets flew
To stare in the eye of the shooting party,
Who now only came to view this
Mighty taloned bird and withdrew
In humble supplication from the
Starkness of his stare
Into their Inner darkness where
They became aware of his family
Generations, no longer in the air
and his forest covered hills,
Now sheep-laden and bare.
They went into Silent Prayer
As the wolf howled in their hearts,
Released from blind seclusion
By the Eagle's eye- bright darts.



To the South the Dove had flown,
To the lands of Sun and sand,
Taking it slow and easy as the Eagle did command.

She landed on the surface of an olive tree In Greece, then journeyed further
Southward to the lands of the Wildebeest, to the land of the mighty he tiger, 

Striped and taloned, well - oiled and still

Breathing in the flutterings of the grasslands from the hill.
The Dove Grew Still.
She held her breath,
Then opened her Heart and Sang
The Song of Songs
Which opened up the Tiger's
Ears to the Sound of Ancient Gongs.


They resonated through his blood,
His bones, his splendid tail
From which he sent a drumbeat
Through the ground to The Basking Whale.

( Whale-song sounds )


The Whale relayed the message to the Children
On the shore who danced along the shining sands
Which cued The Lion's Roar.

And then The Lion
Roared because his work was done.


The Lion Sighed to release the roar.
The Lion roared to Release
The Sigh that sanctified
The whole night Sky with twinkling stars.

The Lamb upon the hillside near Jerusalem's
Golden gate went gambolling down to Bethlehem
Not a moment too soon, nor too late.


The Arabs and The Christians,
The Hindus and The Jews
All saw The Lamb come through the Gate,
Beheld through different views.


They knew the sign.


They knew of old.
They saw in the Lamb's step the focus of their News.


They saw within  the Lamb's eyes
The Eagle's glinting gold and they heard
The Bulls of Babylon Sing harmoniously
To The Rose of Old.

The Rose within the Garden of the cottage on the Green
Sang the Song of Peace and Love to The Heart of The Irish Queen.


The Queen relayed the message to the King
Upon God's throne who sent The Message
Around the World on the telepathic phone.


Then, all the children sang and danced
As their parents looked bemused
Till they switched their televisions
On and heard Jerusalem's news.

They took the chance to celebrate and offer up a toast
To all the Children of The World who beheld The Holy Ghost.
As the lamb came through the Golden Gate in their living rooms that night
The Angels of the Lord came down and The Lady Love took flight.


She transformed to a Dove again
Flying to the Eagle's domain
With The Lion racing at her back
Roaring to The Bull's Refrain.


The Planet Mars made chocolate stars from the roars worst notes,
Its most terrible cries,
Then wrapped them up in golden bars which drifted from the sparkling skies
as The Dove to the Eagle did float.

They were collected by the faeries, who o'erleaped each wooden style,
Depositing gifts at the heart of each Rose to make the children smile
As Easter bunnies leapt for joy Tattooing The Royal Mile.


The Eagle in his turn moved West towards The Holy Hill
Where he met the Dove before sunset as was decreed in The Holy Will.


"It is done"


She puffed.


" It is well."


He blew.


" It is night. Rest. I'll look over you. "

( Music )


In the morning when the Sun arose
The world was lit with Love.
The Eagle rose with the Dove
On his back......


or so The Legend goes...


from such wondrous stories as this


World Peace and Earth Healing Arose.


All was blessed and all is well,
This storybook will swell, 

When, to all Good's Children In consciousness gilden, 

These tales we tell, no matter what their age,
Circling all around the world  to become the New Age Stage
Reached by all of humankind.

Before the ink is dried on this page, through each kindly mind,
They will BEHOLD The Goddess Glow as God flows, in Miracles
Once again, Peace between all realms, FOREVER BLESSED.


© Lilian Kennedy Brzoska



                                                    The regrets were many. .The ragwort was tumbling.  The terraces were empty. 

All the people were gone. The sense of selfless giving which had permeated the place was lingering in the atmosphere but the life of the place was ring-wormed. 


I thought, 

    “got to get on with it and dig into the Sound  Chamber  soil”. 

The oil of the lamp was low and the larder was little in my knapsack. Still, I knew I had to try. The sound chamber had been the sanctuary and I knew the crystal was buried deep below the centre of the field of resonance, I began to dig. Supper-time came and went. I was still digging when the sun came up. 

Through the roof it glimmered, catching the corner of my eye. Sweat was pouring off my brow  as I bowed low to thank the sun for rising once more, despite the sorrow in my heart. As I bent I saw the tip of the crystal glint golden in the morning  light. My heart sang as it had not done in many a long year. 

                                                          “Hear  me” 

I thought and sang a few bars of the old  forgotten  morning dew song. It sang back and crystals formed in the air, dew shaped and berry sized, before they dropped to the floor and disappeared as if they had never been. It was still active, still alive. I sank my hands into the elbows below the crystals bottom  and lifted her high above my shoulders in one fell swoop. How she shone. How she shimmered. How fractured had been my heart until this moment  when the crystal sang her morning glory song,  strong and long in the old forgotten  city  beneath the sunlit hills.

Her mills had turned flour for centuries and now were still, yet here at her heart the saving graces were found to be alive and well, which would regenerate our soil and save our whole race from extinction. Inch by inch, mile by mile, we would all  learn how to smile again, if only we would give ourselves the grace to learn again the Songs of Healing, long forgotten, yet raisable from our conscious will to do so. 

The will had been lost as the dust of doubt  had cremated our sense of freedom.  

 Differences of opinion are not daftnesses of opinion,  yet there had been  many such daftnesses given credence and credibility  because the ability to think straight had been lost in the circles of thinkers who could not function  clearly without the crystal’s charity. The crystal had been gifted to the council by the gnomes in long gone days and buried deep in the Chamber of Sound so that the resonances of all we had thought  meet to sing aloud would create itself with accuracy. 

Swelling sounds had filled our children’s hearts with love and laughter. Our new songs always created good ways and our old songs sank deep into the ground to feed the Earth Mother’s Ears of Corn and growing power was strong,  so lovely had it all been, we had never thought such beauty could be destroyed, yet destroyed  it had been when the new ways were introduced. This had happened when our country received news that a Llama of great worth was heading in our direction. We were sent to meet him. He hung about on our borders until he could see us coming, then shouted, 

                                                 “Laugh  and Love. 

                                                   We laugh and love.

                                                    We love you”.

 We replied, 

“ Aye. Laughing and loving. We welcome you into our land”.   

As soon as we did this he stepped over the border and became twice the size he had been on the other side of the fence which marked our protected territory. It took us by surprise but it did not frighten us because all sorts of strange things used to happen in these days. 

We walked towards him and welcomed him with our usual courtesy.  He slapped our faces in response. He smiled when he saw we would not slap back. We were well aware of our stinging cheeks, yet thought it his country’s custom, so we kept quiet while he laughed.  We thought this a mark of his pleasure at our welcome.  We did not realise then that he was laughing for quite another reason. In our land there was no ill will and no deceit, so we did not suspect his motives, only  observed his customs  and attempted to learn what might please him, as we did with all our visitors from other worlds. 

We did not travel out much because there was no need to leave our surroundings  to achieve total  happiness, warmth and a well balanced creative life. Our land had everything in it we could wish for  because we wished for it well and the health of our wishes was reflected in our world. We could not, therefore, understand  ill – wishing and did not need to know how to protect ourselves because we did not wish enmity  on anyone. We have forgiven  ourselves since then, for our ignorance and our stupidity in letting our new visitor into our land, since innocence was our  deepest fault and our great advantage in the old days. 

Now, of course, we are less unaware yet still compare our old ways favourably with this new world, because we all remember what it was like to trust everyone, to spite no-one and to generously turn the other cheek when our new visitor  slapped us firmly without warning or cause. Through his laughter he said,

 “It is good that you have such self-control. We take many years to teach our young men to flinch not when slapped”.

We were amazed that he knew our language. Our other visitors had all been unable to speak so many words in our tongue. 

It tuned out he had been one of us before he had roamed as a child, out beyond our boundaries, where he had been picked up by a travelling caravan and taken far beyond the far mountains at a time in his life when he was needful of his mother’s love and had been unable to find her in the night. He had no idea how to return, so he suffered the parenting of a cruel world of slavery before escaping to the hard life of a high mountain monastery in a Far Land where he had learned many skills, both mental and physical which had stood him in good  stead, giving him a reputation for aesthetic zeal which travelled ahead of him as he began his pilgrimage to our lands. 

His  fitful  journey had taken him to many places where he had been treated with respect and joy. He  employed  his mind with  great skill and seemed  very wise to the peoples he had met, with his laughter at their startlement and his words of power, spoken to open their minds to a new form  of  seeing which allowed him free passage through  their territories.  He travelled without baggage , without  food and  without weapons, seeming  poor and harmless, He was, in fact, very rich in his own land, with many servants, but this was not obvious from  his gait nor his dress. He knew he could keep himself safe in this guise. Thus did he arrive at our doors, more worldly wise than we and with much smiling,.

“Glad to be home! ” 

he said and hardly with us a day when he

started teaching his male monastery ways to the village boys. They thought themselves lucky to be taught by such a clever man. We thought his ways harmless. We soon  found out otherwise , but to begin  with we did not understand where the unease which began to grow in our atmosphere had come from. 

Once we knew , it took us some time to consider what might be done to recover our peace of mind and  by  then it had been too late to stop the rot setting in to our delicately balanced co-creative community mind. He said,

“Some-one had to be in charge!”

We said,

“What do you mean? We are all responsible for our own wishes.”

He said,

“Who makes the rules around here?”

We said, 

“What rules? What are rules?  We live in Peace and Harmony with one another. We help one another. We share our best ideas. We giver our children love, We have an equal say in all that happens and we give each other time and space to think clear thoughts. We bless  ourselves and thank the sun for shining, thank the Earth Mother for growing our food and the Sky Father for  raining on them  when our fields need water.  Our wishes are always granted and our life is full of Love. Is this what you mean by rules?”

He looked very strangely. Puzzled perhaps. He said nothing else to us about it at that moment. He simply went towards the house in which he was born and sat on the floor  with his eyes closed. We left him and went to our own houses for supper, aware of the word “rule” for the first time. We had no equivalent it would seem. 

We dreamed that night, as we always did, together, and yet it seemed to each of us the next morning as if we had had a ‘bad’ dream for the first time ever.

In the dream web there had been no sharing of new songs or ideas, only an awareness of a kind of creeping shadow  we did not hear a name for, nor  a sense of pleasure in perceiving. It was a thought-form. This we knew but from whence it emanated we knew not. It bothered us enough for us to have a Dream Council meeting in which the whole city participated. This was our norm when a new idea or song appeared which would then be sung As One, or distributed , as tasks for the day, among those who wished to develop the new idea further. There was no hunger among us for discussion, we simply did things with good will for one another, so talk at the council meeting was usually limited to praising the Dream Web, honouring the beauty of the new ideas and celebrating the skills of those who might best piece together the pages of a new book of designs or  begin a building to house a new group of artists,  growing from our garden of children, or  write out the musical harmonies heard in the night. 

For the first time ever the Dream Council came together in silence and shock. From this place the talk began which became known as discussion. It was awful. Each had his own opinion about what he had seen. There was no WE because the shadow had been a different shape and texture for everyone. Each person presented their picture without enough words to describe what they had seen. Each felt uncomfortable. All felt lost for  words,  at the grief the meeting was experiencing,  as we heard one another’s explanation, without feeling  total  agreement that what was described  had been shared. Whisperings continued  beyond the time of  one person’s speaking as the unease built and we were all aware of the disintegration  AS our powers of speech were used to make form of this formless shadow. 

It was the monk who spoke last. He said, 

“This you have seen is called  Fear and is one of the shadows  of Ego. You are growing up, so now you must learn to control  your fears,  I will teach you. I know how to do this.” 

Then he laughed and said, 

“See, I am not affected by this shadow.” 

I could not speak at this point, I knew I was hearing something important yet I did not know why it was important or what could be done about the shadow so I said nothing. 

Now, of course, I know that he had been the shadow but now is not then and then I only knew I felt dread. I could not name it, but I felt it. His power over the meeting was profound. Each asked for his help to understand. Each was told a different story about the nature of fear. I will  not repeat them here because hearing the conflicting stories creates confusion and doubt and I would not wish to bring about such an effect. I do not know if it is what he intended at that time, I only know it was so effective, even my own mind was clouded  for a moment, making me wordless. 

His  stories made no sense to me because he was talking of things I had not met and where our language  would not suffice, he presented words from his own tradition to give weight  to his knowledge.  Our Heart sank as he spelled us with his word power, commanding our attention  with both  his mind and his voice. 

 At  this point I removed myself from the meeting and returned to the Sound Chamber  from  whence I had been summoned by the conjoined mind of the community for The Dream Council. I had been clearing it and placing fresh flowers at the centre, above the spot we all believed the crystal to be buried. It was this act of reverence I did each day to thank the gnomes and The Crystal for their great gifts to us. I loved doing it,  perhaps more than any other task I had and it seems to me that love was returned when I was Moved to Leave the Meeting. It saved me from having to listen longer to the trancing voice and allowed me to be still. In the stillness I saw pictures. 

He had been asked to leave the monastery. He had been beaten up as a child. He had been able to steal enough to make himself rich. He believed this was necessary. He had come home to punish us for not finding him. He had been planning his revenge for a long long time and he knew we would not need much encouragement to let him have his say. He was open to my eyes in this chamber as I watched the meeting from within and at his heart the Shadow  lurked, winding around the love he had been given in our midst and which he missed so deeply , his mind had found a way to shut it out completely. I was saddened beyond belief. My knowledge was broadened but my heart was broken by what I saw in his memories;  what I learned of his ways of thinking struck to my heart and compassion flowed out of me while horror made its place in my mind. I fell to the floor and lay there in Silence for days. 

My family came to look  for me after their meeting and I could not more. They made me comfortable and started the Songs  of  Loving  to comfort me in my trial, even though they knew not what ailed me. They saved my life and yet I knew not  what sort of Life it would be, now that I could see so far and wide , without the words to find enough  meaning to tell them the awful  story  nor to warn them of the dangers from the man they now saw as their saviour from fear.

 I did not wish to name the dangers because I knew the power of the Sound Chamber to create from our songs. I was dumbstruck. It seemed a blessing. 

So, now, someone was in charge. It had taken only three days and three nights of shadow dreaming and  fear -talking to create doubt  in all our children. Our men and women stopped  thinking for themselves and with each other  to listen to the “words  of wisdom”  and the Dream Web began to function  again, without the shadow , but with pictures made from the strongest  mind, rather than the soft conjoined, loving mind of our once happy people.  

This mind had the capacity to create structures which our people would have found unpleasing. We built in circles and waves, levels and lanes related to our Earth Mother’s shapes and contours. This mind wanted towers with no windows, barbed wire fences and fold-down beds,  rather than couches of velvet for sharing, crystal fountains and fluffy feathered birds of the air. I could only stare dumbly as the ‘discussion of the new ideas”  took shape and the “new order of behaviour “was delineated. 

“Actions  speak louder than words”

he would say, all the while knowing his words were the power that drove the actions of my bewildered people who were used to trusting The Web and who were so grateful his “exercises for the mind”  had banished the numinous shadow.  

I too suffered the new dreams , as I learned how to breathe again, the single breath at a time, transforming each negative image I saw into a positive memory. 

This way, from the Centre of the Chamber, my mind Linked to these men, women and children whose thoughts were level with mine before the calamity and we knew one another again, revisited our loving base together and returned to the Dream Net strong enough to dissipate its power each morning so that the worst  areas of horror could not be born the next morning.   Not enough  agreement could  be reached by the others, therefore the shape of things  could not be remembered.  It pained me a great deal to watch this confusion, yet it would have been a greater disaster to watch them build more and more beautiless places in which to teach the children to think  in straight lines, rather than to gather the glories of the morning in their hearts. The darts of fear  were shot  through them every now and again to keep them aware of their debt  to their new-found teacher and gradually they found themselves agreeing that it was much better to know and control  fear than never to have known it at all.

Meanwhile I kept my own council,  made sure the crystal was honoured and welcomed the new sun each morning,  in silence and reverence, while my Family kept watch at the council  for any signs of awareness in the others. When I say “my Family” I mean  a much larger group than has now become normal,. We were related by birth sign  and wisdoms, rather than merely by blood, and parent line,  as was to become the norm. We were sent to school together in our old world when it was discovere4d we could hear each others’  thoughts  more clearly than those of the rest of our community. Our parents encouraged us to find our True Family young, because the whole community benefited  from our conjoined  abilities as Messenger Tribe within the co-operative movement of our people from place to place and from time to time in memoriam. 

We held more of the deep  memories than any other Tribe because we were bringers of messages from the Earth Mother as well as tellers of tales. Our memories were deeply respected and treated with kindness by our wisdom teachers, who valued old ways as highly as new ideas and we were very very strongly  Beloved of one another. This love was also strong between members of different family groups in our community and blended us in the Golden Web of the Dream-light, as well as keeping us healthy and well aware of our own deep value to the group. 

This sense of deep connection was what had been smashed by the shock of individuals having fears unrelated to the tribe or the community. Since I had been so steeped in the Love Chamber so young and for so long I was able to reclaim much in the times I slept on the chamber floor. This flowed into the minds of my Family as I grew stronger and they were saved  from  being entirely swamped by the new ways. As what was broken in them mended  we were able to work together, though very particular to do so while physically separated, to stabilize our memories and use these powerful, beautiful thoughts to keep people from  entirely losing their connection  with one another in the dream space, which would have put them under such stress as to kill their Spirit entirely. 

The biggest problem  we had to deal with was the shock  wave which was resonating through  our people at so many levels and in so many spirals , it was as if the oceans of light and love in which we had been held were only an illusion and that what was real was the mirror of their master’s mind, which was full of pitfalls and dangers, dragons  of darkness and caverns of solid jewels heaped in cages, with padlocks and keys hidden within pools of sludge and slime guarded by monsters with hungering jaws.

Even we, who knew the source of this nightmare world, were occasionally afraid it might swallow us up. It was at this point the conjoined mind of our memory banks came into  operation, as if by magic, because The Earth Mother could hear our inward calls for help. She would dispel the Dream Net and access The Deep Down Well of Love to us, to ensure our safe return to the surface of the Dream world and in the strength of our Family Bond, which held us to our knowledge that the fears were merely a blanket between the dreamers and the truth. It was folly to wake up from the Earth Mother’s dream place, yet a folly we continued  in for some time, in the hope that we might re-awaken our people to the Truth of their Own Power to Love One another without Fear. 

We did this for many  years before deciding to separate ourselves from the other tribes and leave our beloved  Land.  We could not do it immediately, since we had co-created many dreams there, which still needed tending  but we planned our exit with care, gathering memories and power in the Sound Chamber and storing them deep in the Crystal during our dreaming time when the Earth Mother was most able to communicate her most powerful new songs  of re-making,  as well as to gift us a glorious ability to sing together in our dreams. She ensured our soundness of mind while we reeled around the most horrendous spirals of monstrous hatred and sang them to quietude. 

We had hoped that by doing this we could heal our lost child and stop him further harming our people.  Unfortunately things  had already gone too far out of balance by the time his worst memories were replaced by our loving lullabies. He was made more equal with the others yet his lessons had taken  root in the darkened part of our children’s minds and they began to argue with one another more virulently than he had ever imagined might happen. 

He himself was caught in the net of his own making and strangled by one of the ones he had made into a leader. This cost us much mourning.  We had never had to mourn before because such a passing had never occurred in our loving past. Our last breath had always been chosen and we had been sung through  into a New Life almost immediately. The speed with which the trust in this knowledge  had been lost was breathtaking. Our bodies had always just disintegrated  into sand which sparkled. 

This murdered body simply lay there. Our people did not know what to do and the murderer was feared by everyone. The fear  was now on the surface and the leader had been replaced  by one they did not  trust at all. Offerings were made in the Sound  Chamber to appease their fears. Thankfully we had managed to seal the crystal  from pollution,  yet we could not prevent it manifesting their thoughts as they spoke them aloud. 

Such visions did they see drop from their own mouths they sealed the Chamber and buried it under a mound of sand and earth, in which they placed the murdered body of the man they had thought to be safe, who now was dead, in a way they did not comprehend, though  they saw it to be real.  When the Sound Chamber was thus sealed, we knew it was time to leave, yet still we needed to attend to our cares. 

We discovered our plans to be very spiritually blessed. Yesterday and today we still sacrifice  our need for a Home together to hold the special Web of Faith, Light and Love alive all over this globe ,while longing  for the time when we will all be together and Awake in the one village, able to cuddle on another and send loving looks between our eyes, as we see the children grow. 

We separated that day, once we had centred ourselves in The Light of Love and held the spirit of the dead Llama to the point of stillness in which he slept and dreamt with the Mother of All. There he learned of forgiveness and began the task of mending the wrongs  he had done himself and others by abusing the spiritual gifts he had been given by his fellow  men dedicated to peace. His heart was calmed. 

He returned as child to the city some years later, yet we regret  to say his powers of healing only began the process of mending and his many lifetimes until now, walking the planet have been well  recorded in different cultures while we have slept,  keeping the Dream  Web alive for those whose love allows them  access to our  Mind-Spirit. 

I am speaking to you now, as one who holds the thoughts of all my kin, as I let you  in to my mind,  you are also able to see, in yours, all that I have told you. I have awakened early, sent to find the Singing Crystal which now lives in the hearts of many but needs to be placed upon the stage to re-teach you the Sounds of Healing,  the Songs of Making and to teach you  anew the Song of Remaking. 

When we do this, my brothers and sisters too will all Awaken and walk again upon this Earth. We know we will come together again on the face of the planet before we dis-carnate in Beauty,  knowing our work is done.

We walked from our city that day, outward in all directions. We were not  missed and we were not  chased.  Our people could no longer see us they were so grief-stricken and yet they  were able to carry on working as if nothing was happening. They were now used to work schedules and lost opportunities to shine in each others eyes. 

We were able to hold  them  well  enough in their dreaming for some of their children  to be born  inspired. Some of them  left the city as we did, to  seek the Lost Kingdom of their  erstwhile master, hoping to find the answer to their problems, not realising it was buried deep within the sand  beneath the chamber of their darkest fears. 

The others continued to live with one another, jousting for  positions of leadership, trying out all sorts of new forms of government in order that they might allay their fears and recognise Love, not being able to fully remember anything yet longing for a safety they all had a vague notion must exist. 

We insisted on maintaining this longing,  although  it created its own kind of ache, because we knew it would allow for The Renewal, once all the false roads had been tried and the nightmares lived out to their culmination. 

Each of us who left as One in the Dream-Weave found ourselves on many adventures, as we set out to find our sleeping places, our tombs if you like, in which we would await the coming of The New Stage of Life in Love, which The Earth Mother assured us would come in a few millennia. 

That time is now. This is why I was sent to find The Crystal. This is why I tell you my story. This is why I  share my tale from the scrolls of unrolling in which all will be found to be true if you but say so. Say


and give your consent. Without this we can go no further. We have come a long way to here. Sleep-dreaming my brothers and sisters in The Love World have kept the moon awake, have kept the sun shining, as God’s Almighty  assistants in the re-balancing of our old clans, from which  you are all ascended.   With  our  Earth Mother’s help we can now all join together as one and assist the resonances to be so powerful they can manifest flowers in a wilderness, clear the waters of all pollution  and all hearts of the blanket of fear  which keeps doubt  in place. 

You, of the Human Race are about to Become humans Being strong in Love, Light and power, free of greed, fear, malice, want, poverty and pain. Release your need  for it. It truly is best to live Blessed.  I remember it. Let us sing the Crystal Clear notes of Re-borning, the science of Sound is not  lost, it has simply been buried deep. 

Let us rip through the veils of illusion with the Sound of Love and live again in The Blessings of The Earth Mother singing our thanks to High Heaven. It is not, nor never  was painful to do so, it is only painful to fear trying.  

Let us begin and never cease to believe we are capable of beloved conjoining in all that is good  for us and for our children. All is well in our World , if we say it is so and see it is so, by co-operating to make sure it is so. 

We believe you have heard us. 

We ask you to make our Dreams come true once again and release us from our awesome task of holding The Dream Awake. 

You are the first people since my people to be able to see your  worst nightmares come true. You see it all the time on your televisions, in your newspapers, on your radios. You are also the first people to have a Global Network of physical contact, while we have one of telepathic contact, 

Surly you can all now see – hear  that thinking and picturing makes things real to you. Can you imagine World Peace?  What would it look like? 

Can you feel Love in The Skies and the Earth?

 If you cannot, you will be able to once you  

Sing Yourself to Wakefulness with our aid. 

We have slept Long Aeons. We are Now Awake, Take Heed. Please. 

We need your help to tell the tale of our civilization to your children that they might grow up aware of the power of the conjoined  mind. 

Be at Peace with us. We are at Peace with You. 

Thank you for your ears, over all these years. Without you we would not have known that NOW IS THE TIME.  Alleluia!  We are awake and well.         

           RING THE BELL.

© Lilian Kennedy Brzoska    

( Heard ) 5th April 1997