Lilian's Poetry

The Huvver View


Fae the Kittyhawk`s point of view,

Huvverin` steady in the balmy air,

there`s nae sik thing es luck.

She just huds steady in

the Silence o` the air

then plummets.

She sees, aye, tae Eye

the glimmer o` fear,

mirrored in the Eye

o` the Beholder, who holds his breath

a moment too long.

Then it`s Swan Song

fur the prey,

A wee furry life

Away, inside the belly

o` the hawk.

Ye cannae see this

oan the tele,

only hear the Kittyhawk


in triumph.

Inside the wee bird

the wee shrew

wriggles nae maer.

It gives up the ghost.

Receiving the Spirit

he flies

High above the crowded grasses.

Noo he`s the Eagle`s glasses

or so he thinks.

Like a man who drinks

an` sees pink elephants

when his bottle`s aw dry,

he sees through a different Eye.

"Aye". he thinks,

"It`s no sae bad bein` ate!"

This is the Energy Gate;

One`s Sight is given

once fear is driven out.

©Lilian Brzoska (Scotland)

October 2012


Catch On

“Catch Up” and race relations, patch up the tears in the garment of society,

A-wash with piety and pretence at care, in which no-one will share

“Iheir man!” with a woman abandoned.

Standing in the Shadow of Death,

Rest does not come easy to a mother

Fraught with wear and tear,

Recommended to swallow

“Pills that cure all ills”.

“ Fix it for me! “ hear them cry,

As they see their childhoods flashing by

In the bottom of a bottle,

Remembering the father who tried to throttle

Them and push their mother in the fire...

Their ire inside exploding, when faced with poll tax bills,

Life with no frills and an endless

Hunt for food to fill their children's bellies,

Cash to pay for decent shoes and better colour tellies.

All this has been growing children of haterd,

Mated to pain.

We must Begin Again,

Catch the dropped stitches and re-knit

The Cover of Human Kindness.

The pattern was lost in the Fires of Alexandria,

We must being again to catch falling stars.

Engage with Venus as well as Mars.

Patch in to the Mother Mind and care for humankind,

Instead of always blaming the children for carrying

The Sins of the Fathers, wrought in the Fires of War..

Who will care for The Mother,

So that her children might be fit to reign again?

“ Catch 22” behind or before,

The Children are ours.

“ Suffer the little Children to come unto me”

Does not mean let the Children suffer!

Do you see?

©Lilian Brzoska

March 1993

What I Really Really Want 

I don't know what I want really!

I only know when I get it what is right.

Sometimes I need to sleep for hours.

Sometimes I want to dance all night.

Me, I had a daddy full of music.

You, you had a father fu' o' shite.

How does this help us work together

If my smiles only fill you full of fright?

What am I to do to make you love me

If you feel love is only full of pain?

If I were just to love you for forever

What might either of us truly gain

If smiling, for you, goes against the grain?

I think I need a lover who is loving,

Equal to myself in brightest ray,

Not one who needs me always shoving

To feel beyond the pain of turning grey.

Don't tell me 'not to be this way' with everybody !

Don't try to silence me beneath your frown..

I'm done with giving in to every grimace.

I'm deciding to unfurl my Crystal Gown.

You can cry for-ever if you choose it.

You can lose yourself in Tales So Grim.

Me, I'm kicking over all the traces

Filling up with Love-light to the Brim.

I am starlight dancing on the Earth rim.

I am sunlight urging roots to grow.

I an not the monster that you paint me.

I am here to help the River flow.

I am tides which harmonise with moonshine,

Waves which bring great driftwood to the shore.

I'm the fire sparkling at Life's Centre

Unleashed to forests grow from Apple's Core.

I no longer fit the shape you made me.                                                                                 

I have grown to touch the mountains high.

Seeing from the Sun to Earth below, we

Also whirl and sing with birds who fly.

From the forests to the mountains birds

Are singing, winging to the oceans at the shore.

From the oceans to the rivers salmon swimming

Bring messages to the stream-let's floor.

Forth-with we all fore-gather with the Planet,

With She who grows our food, brings winds and rain.

We need a Love so huge she can recover from

the damage done absorbing all our Pain.

Let's Flame with Love through EVERY minor mishap.

Let's balance our attention with each child.

Let's Recognise our roles beyond the Human,

Caring for the creatures and The Wild.

Smile, for Love's sake! Stars are there to guide you.

Cry  to let the Light once more be Freed.

Dance your anger, drum your feet in rhythm.

Help the Earth to nurture every seed.

Then, we might have time to breathe together,

Not to wander in The Nagual without thought

But to recognise our ancient Wisdom Rising

to meet the need of every child who's caught

Between the jaws of hunger starving,

Every species dying out to feed our greed.

We will once more stand up with The Good People

Moving every doubt to DO great deeds.

We are The Ones for whom we've waited.

We are The Answer to our prayers.

Have yet our appetites been fully sated

Enough to truly manifest fair shares?

Unless at least we're engaging in our story

to BE the Hero once we hoped to meet,

How do we expect to win Love's glory

NOT find ourselves covered in defeat?

Time to stand upon our own two feet.

© Lilian Kennedy Brzoska  2012

We Are One

Sound-Poem written at Grassington Rainbow Gathering 2006 while the rain came down. 

Time in a tent in a rainstorm can be strangely comforting, especially if it's leak free and cosy, a womb within which to listen to the sounds on the roof as rain taps rhythms and quiet thoughts glide down the pen. Dr.Emoto's work on Water Crystals and Sandra Ingerman's work Healing Acid Water influences the author and Music is with us Everywhere.

Recorded at the Kirkcaldy YMCA within the CBAL Radio Project tutored by Craig Harkness.We are One/ Rain Recorded in Kirkcaldy 2010. Edited by Harkie, Baz & Iain, Shuggie's men at the Y. Sound Track written and performed by Iain Davidson. Script written & performed by Lilian Brzoska © Silver Birch Productions 2010.