Personal Rune Readings by Lilian Brzoska

Lilian Brzoska speaking to astrologer Frank Pilkington about the power of The Runes.

Lilian is now available for personal Rune Readings and weekend workshops which combine many of these skills to assist each participant find a new direction or renewed intent for their lives NOW.

For more information telephone 01592 566865, mobile 07765 841583 or send a message here.

Since the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, people have been emerging from the gloom of the Piscean waters and in the process have become aware of changes within themselves and in the world about them - though perhaps not quite understanding the significance of what has happened.

As the light reveals similarities in our experiences, the inner awakening, the synchronicity of events, we realise the need for healing, for coming together and for sharing; to learn more about who we are and where we are.

We discover that we are part of the creation around us and of it, but we also recognise that in every generation we need wise people, helpers and counsellors as sign posts for the way ahead.